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🐴 Tackroom: Must-Have for Equestrians: Pivo Pod Filming on a Budget

Apr 18, 2024

Pivo Pod Review: A Great Option for Solo Riders on a Budget

The Pivo Pod is a motorized stand for your smartphone that uses your phone's camera to film you as you ride. It's a more affordable alternative to expensive auto-follow cameras on the market.

Here's what I found after using the Pivo Pod:

  • Tracks your movement: The Pivo uses your phone's app to detect and follow your horse through the app's motion sensor.
  • 360-degree rotation: The Pivo can rotate a full 360 degrees, which is great if you place it in the center of the ring (recommended by Pivo).
  • Consider phone safety: Placing the Pivo in the center of the ring might be risky for riders who jump or for those who work on tight turns. I opted to keep mine on the rail for safety reasons.
  • Two Pivo options: There are two Pivo versions - the silver and the red. I recommend the silver for faster gaits like canter.
  • Accessories: The starter pack comes with a travel case and a smart mount that lets you tilt your camera for better angles. There are other add-ons like a tripod and an action mount for GoPro cameras.
  • Remote control: The Pivo comes with a remote to start and stop recording. Important note: The remote doesn't control where the Pivo films - it only tracks motion.

Here's a downside to consider:

  • Tracks one rider at a time: If there's more than one rider in the ring, the Pivo will get confused and follow whoever it detects first. There's no way to program it to follow a specific rider.


The Pivo Pod is a great option for solo riders on a budget who want to film themselves riding. However, if you typically ride in an arena with multiple riders, it might not be the best choice.